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Joe Siecinski – How to Make More Money and Have More Time



Here’s a one minute preview from Joe’s interview.

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Joe Siecinski – Reclaim 8 Hours in 8 Weeks So You Can Work on Your Business


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Bill: You know, a lot of business owners would probably start the planning process a lot earlier if someone talked to them with the clarity of this gentleman. Listen to expert planner Joe Siecinski. 

Joe: By far, the biggest challenge that I see, is time. I mean, the foundation for any business, you’ve got kinda four pillars of your businesses. It’s Time, how you use your time, your Destination, where you want your business to get to, you can’t get there if you don’t know where you’re going, Delivery, which is about consistency in the delivery of your product or service, and Knowing Your Money. Before we can do anything, we’ve really gotta free up some time. So, I have a system called the Small Business Countering System, which is in my book, called Brain Share, and I really try to get 8 hours back in their work week, then we can start working on the business. So, I almost always start with getting some time back in your business, so we can work on the business.

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Joe Siecinski – How to Make More Money and Have More Time


Joe Siecinski is an Action Coach, and has been helping business owners recapture time and increase profits for years. Listen to his tips, ideas and precautions to learn how.


(20m) Joe Siecinski – Of The Four Pillars Of Planning, Start With Your Time



Joe Siecinski beings clarity to planning – he is an Action Coach and communicates simply and clearly to explain the planning process. Joe‘s book, “BrainShare: How Business Owners Make More Money and Have More Time”,  can be found on

We add new content daily! Listen on iTunes: . See the Index for more on this Topic or by this Guest .
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